About Hemigum Plast Enterprise

The Hemigum PlastĀ  Enterprise from Belgrade, Serbia, has represented the distinguished supplier of wide range of spare parts for equipment-machines and devices in all industry areas from 1990.

By permanently staffing potentials this company represents the guarantee of further growth in coming years. From its foundation in 1990 until nowadays this company is on the stable road of technical and technological development.

Following world's trends in use of modern materials and technologies in rubber, silicon, viton, polyurethane, teflon, plumbago, plastic areas and various composite materials, the Hemigum Plast Enterprise took production and made more than 22.000 products of varios dimensions, shapes and purposes which have aligned it to the top suppliers from this area on home market as well as markets of former Yugoslavia.

Product made of high-class materials by exactly specified technology of production, treatment, design and packing present the basic way of behaving for all employees in this company. They are strong support of him existence in the current market and best recommendation for conquering the new ones.

Certificates and prizes